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right, we can print vibrant, detailed
graphics on just about any media you can
imagine. Here is a small list of the media
we have available to us.
Canvas, wallpaper, photo paper, banner,
double-sided banner, window perf (like you
see on back windows of cars), wrap
materials (full color vehicle and marine
graphics), adhesive backed media for signs
and stickers, and too many more to list.
We laminate everything that we print to
ensure its long life in the Florida sunshine.

•   We can create signs, banners, and        
large graphics with such vivid color, they
radiate success. 720 x 720 dpi quality
printing enables clear, crisp text and bold
images that are sure to impress.
Sophisticated HP low-solvent ink
formulations and printhead technology
enable a higher concentration of colorants
in the inks to produce a wider gamut of
rich, saturated color. The result—more
vivid color for high-impact image quality.

•    Designed with the HP 8000s Printer
series, HP low-solvent ink formulations
produce durable prints that resist fading for
three years without lamination and are
scratch-, smear-, and crack-resistant.
Enjoy excellent durability on low-cost,
uncoated vinyl as well as exceptional
performance on HP printing material
designed with HP low-solvent inks. (Based
on internal HP testing under specific test
conditions; relative to key competitors)

•     With HP Premium Scrim Banner, HP
Universal Scrim Banner, HP Premium
Backlit Film, HP Blue Back Satin Billboard
Paper, HP Satin Canvas, and HP
Translucent PVC Display Film, get premium
image quality and high opacity.

Our experienced designer can take your
idea from conception to reality. We can
create logos for you as well as brochures,
postcards, business cards, letterhead, and
to many other things to list. We have all of
the necessary systems in house to
expedite your projects.